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  • The Atlas-Workshops of Agdz, Marokko: a scientific artistic encounter (2016-18)




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Research Project: Dance Techniques

In 2008 Tanzplan’s educational programme initiated a research project on contemporary dance techniques in which renowned dance institutions in Germany and Europe were invited to take part. In seven project units, educators, dance scholars and students research the working methods of notable educators. Its goal is to provide a comparative insight into the various transmission models of dance technique and to make practical and theoretical knowledge applicable. A workbook, “Dance Techniques 2010 – Tanzplan Deutschland” (working title), and 2 DVDs will be produced out of the results of this research and published at the end of 2010 by the Henschel Verlag. This standard work is designed to provide dancers, dance professionals, teachers, scholars and choreographers with applicable knowledge about different approaches. The intention is to illustrate the respective historical context and make the didactics and relevant concepts more transparent. The two DVDs show examples of training in the various dance techniques, among other things. These are being developed in cooperation with a DVD team and in consultation with the research units at the various institutions involved. The teaching models developed are exemplary of the current transmission of technique in contemporary dance. An insight will be offered into the individual treatment of techniques that have crystallised since the beginning of the 20th century in Europe and Anglo-American countries. There is so far no comprehensive, comparative overview of current dance training practice of this kind in either in the German or in English-language literature. The existing close cooperation between Tanzplan Deutschland and state-run training institutions forms the basis of the successful implementation of this project. Practical research was carried out at the following training institutions: University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main: Lance Gries - Aspects of release and alignment oriented techniques - Cologne University of Music and Dance: Jennifer Muller – Muller Technique Cooperative Dance Education Centre – Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin: Gill Clarke – Mind in Motion IDA – Institute for Dance Arts – Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, Linz: Daniel Roberts – Cunningham Technique Laban Center London: Barbara Passow-Diekamp in the style of Jooss-Leeder Palucca Schule Dresden – Hochschule für Tanz: Alan Danielson – Humphrey-Limón Technique Rotterdamse Dansakademie, Codarts, Rotterdam: Anouk van Dijk – Countertechnique Research team Cologne.

The research team at the Centre for Contemporary Dance, University of Music and Dance Cologne comprised Jennifer Muller, workshop leader // Prof. Vera Sander, Professor of Contemporary Dance // Prof. Dr. Yvonne Hardt, Professor of Applied Dance Studies // Dr. Martin Stern, sports studies expert // Susanne Dickhaut, assistant to Jennifer Muller, and students from year four of the Dance BA course.

Jennifer Muller according to Jennifer Muller - The Muller technique is one of the most influential dance techniques in modern dance, above all in the USA and in particular for having developed the “release” techniques. Jennifer Muller started to develop her dance technique around 30 years ago. The technique has been further developed and amended during this time. The research team, together with Jennifer Muller, considered the pedagogical aspects of her technique from a modern day perspective. Jennifer Muller herself trained at the Julliard School in New York, and other schools, and began her professional career with the Pearl Lang Dance Company at the age of 15. She then worked for nine years as a soloist with the Limón Dance Company, followed by seven years as artistic director of the Louis Falco Dance Company, before she founded her own company in 1974. Jennifer Muller’s dance technique and her choreographies have influenced both the US and European dance scenes. 
The workshops took place from 23 November to 3 December 2009. The DVD was filmed on 26 and 27 November 2009. Quote from Nora Vladiguerov from the student discussion that took place on 26 November 2009: “One particular quality in Jennifer Muller’s work with her technique is definitely dealing consciously with energy and imagination. (...) Not only to dance but also being consciously present. (...) There is a great deal of elbowroom and everyone can sense what is emerging from within. There is a lightness to it, without too many cramps or too much tension in the muscles

Cooperation project: The MA module „ Dance In Schools "

Implementation of a training module in the artisticly minded MA study programs in dance at the German Sport University and the University College for Music and Dance Cologne, initiated and promoted by TANZPLAN Germany, an initiative of the Federal Cultural Foundation

Within the present discussion about education, the art form dance (and  its various manifestations of educational institutions) has occupied an important place which does not go without notice. The cooperations between artists and public schools open up a many-faceted working field with a high potential to make the variety of dance known to children and youth, allowing for an experience of its artistic means of communication and expression.

In order to upgrade the pedagogical qualification in dance at university level

explicitly addressed to working in schools, and to upgrade the prerequisite set-ups in regards to continuity and professionalism, the MA module " Dance In Schools" will be developed cooperatively at the German Sports University Cologne and the University College of Music and Dance Cologne

This newly conceived module will be integrated in the artistic MA programs „ Dance Culture V.I.E.W. (DSHS Cologne) and „Dance Dissemination “ (HfMT Cologne) starting in the winter semester 2010/11.

The qualification concept is being developed on a broad basis in close collaboration with additional partners which will contribute to the development process on the basis of their expertise and resources.

The linkage to the contemporary artistic practice in dance is particularly important in the federal state North-Rhine/Westphalia and its active dance landscape . Cooperation partners are:

  • nrw landesbüro tanz / Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössischen Tanz NRW e.V.
  • tanzhaus nrw düsseldorf , take:off: Junger tanz. Tanzplan Düsseldorf
  • Akademie Remscheid für musische Bildung und Medienerziehung, Fachbereich Tanz
  • Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Tanz NRW e.V.

Goals of the module are:

  • Lasting establishment of „ dance in schools “ as component at universities and universities 
  • Concentration and dissemination of context knowledge regarding the                  " systems “  dance and school as an important basis for the success of education and co-operation 
  • Enhancing of teaching/dissemination competencies especially in the areas of choreography, concept development, project management, networking, communication und reflection.

In the context of the 12 months development phase possibilities of opening the module for the further education of external dance artists will be examined.


Project management

Prof. Vera Sander - University for Music and Dance Cologne, Centre for Contemporary Dance

Stephanie Howahl - Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, Institut für Tanz und Bewegungskultur

further information: 

Tel. 00 49 (0) 221 – 912 818-181 (HfMT)

oder Tel. 00 49 (0) 221 – 4982-2820 (DSHS)


Choreography Conference Cologne

Choreography Conference Cologne is an exceptional pilot project within the universitary field, seeking to bring into contact dance scientists, choreographers and dancer, linking theory and practice. The project aims at building a platform for reflection, serves as a survey of choreographic methods and thrives to make choreographic processes transparent. As a platform for exchange and networking, the project interlinks education and profession, and, through interlacing theory and practice, enriches the dance and dance dissemination programs, allowing for a thorough preparation of prospective professionals.


Since 2007, five conferences took place:

  • Reflecting Choreography (2007)
  • Between Dance Technique and Choreography (2008)
  • Site Specifics and Choreography (2009)
  • Choreography und Institution (2010)
  • Choreography, Media and Gender (2011)

From the contributions the publication „Reflecting Choreography: Choreography Conference at the University of Music and Dance Cologne“ was released in July 2010.


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