The Atlas-Workshops from Agdz, Morocco

A model region for a scientific- cultural dialog

The expertise and networks of the faculties of the College of Sciences and Technology in Morocco, the TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences Cologne)  and the Centre for Contemporary Dance at the University for Music and Dance Cologne will be brought together in a cultural dialog occurring at the exchange between academics (science) and culture. The variety in research focuses among the three universities is necessary to approach questions about the relevance of traditional goods and values of the material and im-material in the face of globalisation, urbanisation and “international developmental cooperation projects”.

Tradition and modernity

A constant and driving concern for this project is the creation of a sustainable, holistic and trans-disciplinary approach. The model region, Agdz, a small city in the southern Moroccan region of Souss-Massa-Draa, is considered a historical crossroads for trade and transport between Timbuktu and Marrakesh. Through this historical context, Agdz became an important location of meeting and exchange between cultures. This is evident in the awe inspiring mud-brick architectural tradition and the rich im-material cultural heritage such as the 3000 year old Awash ritual of the Berber people.

This project in Agdz will be understood as a natural and sociocultural lab where Moroccan and German researchers, artists, and students work together on questions of sustainable development (researching-learning). This project in its innovativity seeks to combine natural and social sciences approaches with artistic methods and non verbal forms of expression (music and dance).

This project is subsidised through the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) within the frame of program fostering dialogue between German institutions of higher learning and the Islamic world.