Dance project with Cie Didier Théron, dance students of the CCD and the orchestra of the University for Music and Dance Cologne

With SHANGHAI BOLERO — TRIPTYQUE premiered in SHANGHAI EXPO 2010 French Pavillon Didier Théron has created a choreographic work which throws a contemporary vision on Ravels Boléro. Three aspects moved Didier Théron to choose this musical work as a basis for his choreographic work: its clear composition principle, its cultural dimension and its presence in the collective memory. Théron arranges his choreography  in three parts:  to the same music -identical score and interpretation- he created three different choreographie.  

Théron will transmit two parts of his trilogy to dance student of the CCD. Together with dancers of the Cie Didier Théron SHANGHAI BOLERO - TRIPTYQUE were performed on the 30./31.5.2014. The performances will be accompanied with live music by the orchestra of the orchestra of the University for Music and Dance Cologne (conducted by Yorgos Ziavras)

Yearly, the Centre for Contemporary Dance (CCD) at the University for Music and Dance Cologne presents choreographies by international artists,  performed by dancestudents of the CCD. In addition to the realization of dance and artistic productions these projects support the building of an  international network between students, artists and teachers from different countries. This exchange opens international perspectives for all participants.

choreography: Didier Théron music: Maurice Ravel