The Trikon Tanzwerkstatt was an interdisciplinary Dance and Music Project towards the education of trans- and inter-cultural competence in students and teachers in the disciplines of dance and music. The Centre for Contemporary Dance and the FB Music pedagogy and Music Studies at the University for Music and Dance in Cologne began an interdisciplinary dance and music project in 2009 towards the education of intercultural competence in students and teachers in the study disciplines of dance and music. This project is called the Trikon Dance and Music Workshop Cologne (Trikon Tanz- und Musikwerkstatt Köln).

Along with interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary cooperation, the Trikon Tanz- und Musikwerkstatt Köln offered the students the chance to meet and work with professional artists from three varying ethnic and cultural regions. The project spanned artistic, pedagogic and scholarly elements. The goal was the development of the student’s personal, dance-technical, dance-musical and communicative capacities and perspectives, through structured, cultural-boundary pushing, and knowledge-dissemination experiences. The Tanzwerkstatt brought students from Germany, Sudan and West Africa together to realise a stage project (Shifting Grounds choreographic leadership: Vera Sander) as well as workshops, seminary and projects. All of the invited artists brought contemporary dance and music concepts together with the desire to also link back towards traditional approaches and vocabularies in the cultural spaces which constitute their home spaces. In the semester break, six “Dance” workshops occurred with project artists as Teachers which were open to students from other Universities. The students were given the chance to become acquainted with selected techniques and movement vocabularies from classical and contemporary styles from India, and West Africa. They also received an introduction to the music and dance philosophies of these cultural spaces.