November 2019

Transposium: In response to the exhibition "HIER UND JETZT im Museum Ludwig. Transcorporealities" the Centre for Contemporary Dance will present additional perspectives on transcorporeality in a one-day transposium. Performances, artistic research formats, and scholarly investigations in the fields of dance, performance, and sociology will be brought into dialogue with one another.

November 2018

Symposium "Music/Dance: Transformative Practices": The interdisciplinary symposium deals with the relationship between music and dance, especially with regard to practices that generate transformative states, take advantage of them or result in them (trance, ecstasy, meditation, etc.).

May 2018

Symposium "Body-Feedback-Education": The international symposium, which interlinks lectures and discussions with co-teaching and open-sharing-formats, focuses on the nexus of body-feedback-education in a setting that practices both theoretically and practically what it means to be Doing-Feedback.

August 2016

Conference on “Avant Guard Dance around the Judson Dance Theater and their Relationship to Music.“, in cooperation with the Beethoven Fest Bonn 2016 and the Philharmony Cologne.

July 2014

6. Choreography - Conference: „Choreography and Imagination“ at the Center for Contemporary Dane at the HfMT in cooperation with the Theater studies collection at the university in Cologne (Castle Wahn) funded through the Rhein Energy Foundation.

May 2012

Symposium on Yvonne Rainer: „Inter-medial constellations“, in cooperation with the museum Ludwig, Köln within the frame of an exhibition on Yvonne Rainer, funded through the Thyssen-Stiftung

July 2011

5. Choreography-Conference: „Choreography-Gender-Media“ at the Center for Contemporary Dance in Cologne, in cooperation with the Academy for Media Arts Cologne (Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer), funded through the Rhein Energy Stiftung and from funds from the Commission for Equal Opportunity at the HfMT

May 2010

4. Choreography-Conference: „Choreography and Institution“  at the Center for Contemporary Dance, HfMT on the theme: Choreography and Institution, in cooperation with Friederike Lampert, financed through Tanzpan Deutschland.

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