Since the beginning of the winter semester 08/09, the University of Music and Dance Cologne offers bachelors and masters programs. Students can follow a BA program in dance enabling them to specialize in either dance performance or dance dissemination after an initial two year core period.


Through the introduction of the BA program students are being enabled to devote themselves to contemporary developments in the field of professional dance. Project-oriented as well as interdisciplinary working methods and an intensive interlocking of theory and practice strengthen the university standard of the program.
Students learn through projects, interdisciplinary work, and by interlinking theory and practice.

The BA program offers innovative teaching formats (i.e. two teachers from different disciplines co-teach; group and individual lessons; individual coaching) that promote the individual development of students.

The 8 semester long bachelor’s program is an internationally recognized degree that entitles for a professional qualification in dance. Naturally it is possible to begin subsequent MA studies everywhere in Europe, given the fact the applicant passes the entrance exams.

The BA degree program qualifies for graduate studies in dance related fields. Graduates may apply to Master’s programs in dance throughout Europe.

The program is designed to challenge students on practical and intellectual levels, promoting the development of an individual artistic identity.

The Program encompasses the following modules:

  • dance techniques
  • artistic research
  • body awareness
  • dance studies
  • dance studies projects
  • music studies
  • dance dissemination
  • interdisciplinary projects
  • BA thesis
  • performance projects
  • teaching practice
  • choreographic assistance
  • career related training (project management etc.)
  • electives  


BA DANCE - Profile

The basis for all fields of dance is the daily training in classical and contemporary dance. Both are substantial techniques for  contemporary dance and are effective and competent training methods as well as systems of artistic reference and thought allowing to make the past graspable and future development accessible.

They guarantee - alongside other regular training formats such as body awareness methods, artistic research, dance studies, improvisatory-compositionally-interlaced research, artistic research, methodically/didactically interlaced research, partnering, repertoire and projects - the versatility, flexibility, reflexivity and individuality of dancers and pedagogues demanded by the professional field of today.

In addition to a physically demanding daily training in classical and contemporary dance a broad set of supplementary courses form the core of the dance program at CCD. Some are specifically dance related – e.g., body awareness, artistic research, dance studies, composition, improvisation, methodology, didactics, partnering repertoire and projects.

The Centre for Contemporary Dance places great emphasis on linking its dance formation with the working field. An important part of the curriculum are performance projects. Here students study and reflect the techniques and working methods of prominent contemporary choreographers. They also produce performances of their own.

Performative practices are an integral part of the program and furthermore provide students experiences with which to engage in dramaturgy, public relations, stage design, light and sound.

The overarching goal of the BA program in dance is to give students the solid technique they need to become competitive, confident, curious, independent minded performers who practice their art with the respect.

Graduates can look forward to careers in city theatres or in free ensembles and are qualified to pursue advanced degree programs in choreography, dance training, dance education, dance therapy, journalism/publishing, dramaturgy and academics.

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