application deadline 1st March to start studies in the upcoming winter semester
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application deadline 1st March to start studies in the upcoming winter semester

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application deadline 1st June for the upcoming winter semester
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BA Dance

Admission requirements

Application deadline for the auditions is March 1st of each year at baseline for the coming winter semester. The application takes place online via the platform muvac. You can access the vacancy for the BA Dance here.

Information on the online application process for BA Dance can be found at the following link:
The online portal is open up to and including 01 March 2023.


The audition for the Bachelor of Arts Dance program will be held online and consist of 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 Applicants are asked to produce and digitally submit materials based on tasks  specified by the examination committee. The committee reviews the materials and invites selected applicants to participate in phase 2.
  • Phase 2 consists of a 3-day workshop, in which proposals, ideas and contributions of the participants are developed, presented in the group, negotiated and processed on the basis of tasks set by the commission.

The aptitude tests for the BA Dance (phase 1 and 2) take place by invitation. Admission to the aptitude test by the HfMT Office of Student Affairs is required for participation. Only when all phases (1 to 2) have been passed can admission to the Bachelor of Arts Dance program be granted.



Please direct all general questions to the Centre for Contemporary Dance, Coordination:

Laura Lang
Mail:  zzt.anfrage(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de

We invite you to visit our dance evenings and other events to get a better impression.

You are also welcome to visit our ONLINE formats: 

For more information about the program, please visit BA Dance

MA Dance Studies

Eligibility requirements

The eligibility requirement of M.A. Dance Studies is normally a first university degree (i.e., BA degree in subjects such as dance, theater or music studies, cultural studies, social sciences, or in other fields that provide a possibility to investigate bodily cultures, dance, choreography, social and political interaction of moving bodies in a variety of contexts). 

In cases of an artistically-oriented B.A. degree, admission may be conditional on the attendance of compulsory courses in dance studies provided in the BA Dance program.

Since the courses are taught primarily in German and also involve literature in English, very good German and English language skills are a prerequisite for study.


Application Procedure

The application takes place online, you can get to the online application platform muvac here.

The following documents are required for the application:


- Letter of motivation

- Curriculum Vitae

- Proof of completion of a relevant university degree (certified copy of the diploma)

- Submission of a sample of academic work on a broader thematic field of dance, performance, bodily practices or (social, political, aesthetic) movement research.

Writing sample may include, i.e., a B.A. thesis or excerpts from it, school term papers, essays, or written reflections of the applicant's own artistic work (at least 10 pages). Also, dance critics, blog posts, and essays for public outreach can be among the sample writing in the above-mentioned length. The submitted text should aim to give insight into analytical and contextualizing skills of the applicant.

- Proof of language skills, if applicable.


Application Deadline

The application deadline is the 1st of June of each year in order to the begin the study in the following winter term (at the beginning October). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Dr. Yvonne Hardt.

Further information about the study program can be found here.


MA Mediation in Dance

The application is online via muvac. All information about the procedure can be found on our application page.

Admission Requirements:

The prerequisite for admission to the study program is the successful completion of a professionally relevant undergraduate course in the subjects of dance, dance mediation, physical and movement practice or an undergraduate degree that enables specialization in dance-performative practice. In justified exceptional cases, admission to the aptitude test can also be granted if the aptitude required for the course of study has been acquired professionally or in some other way. The decision on this is made by the chairpersons of the examination board in consultation with the program director.

Qualifying Examination:

The aptitude test takes place upon invitation and on the basis of the evaluation of the application documents. The aptitude test takes place on two consecutive weekdays.

The aptitude test consists of:

1. Participation in a unit of physical practice,

2. The execution of a format in which various mediation strategies and methods can be used. The applicant is free to choose whether this is, for example, a practical, mediating examination of a specific movement practice, a performative format, a training format, an interdisciplinary format, a format at the interface of theory and practice, or similar acts and, in this sense, outlines one's own approach in terms of the means and manner in which it takes place. Content can be applied and presented in a variety of ways, e.g. through mediating or sharing with a group or by addressing a viewership, and must contain in any case also linguistic and communicative parts in either German or English.

3. a collaborative, group-oriented format,

4. a format at the interface of theory and practice,

5. an interview with the Commission.


Application Deadline:

Applications are due on March 1st for a start in the winter semester.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Prof. Nina Patricia Hänel. More information about the study program can be found here.

The applicants will be informed if they have been invited to the aptitude test about 2 weeks after the application period has ended.

Information on the application process can be found at: