As an undergraduate program the BA Dance is the core element of the education with its possibility for specialization options. A Bachelor degree requires a duration of study of eight semesters and is an internationally renown degree that entitles the graduates for working as professionals in dance. Thus, of course, the graduates can enroll in a Master program anywhere in Europe (passing the audition implied).

For us it is important to nurture the students in practice and mind and to support them in finding their artistic identity. During their times of study they have the opportunity to get acquainted with teaching and learning methods, techniques and ways of thinking that are orientated towards questions and challenges of their prospective working field - not least because of empowering them to shape and further develop the professional scene themselves. The students acquire discipline-specific and multidisciplinary competences which they apply individually and collectively, reflect and analyze. They unfold creative and critical ways of thinking and perspective on practices of contemporary dance and connect them to their respective artistic practice.

Teaching formats at the CCD are structured in a cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary way. Seminars e.g. may take place as team teachings. Alongside group lessons, one-to-one lessons and coaching foster the individual developments of the students. We are teaching dance practical tools and methods of contemporary dance training forms and ballet for contemporary dancers in an project-based and application-focused way so the students may pursue their physical development and position themselves in the professional field. The students involve in artistic-choreographic methods, diversity-accentuated body discourses, participative and transdisciplinary processes, practices of training, somatic practices and improvisatory-compositional techniques while reflect ing and contextualizing those in regard to their own respective methods, tools and objectives understanding this input primarily as a resource for the development of their own practice. The CCD is well connected so that projects and cooperations can be realized with the dance scene of NRW as well as projects on a national and international basis. We consider working in projects as an integral part of the studies where students can gain experience inside of production oriented areas as in dramaturgy or public relations as well as realization on stage, lighting and sound.