The Centre for Contemporary Dance (CCD), instituted at the University for Music and Dance Cologne, offers qualified higher education study programs within Contemporary Dance, Dance Dissemination and Dance Studies. An important keystone is the dance education based on thorough knowledge of technique which trains creative and inquisitive dancer personalities.

At CCD the art of contemporary dance is understood and taught as a physically, artistically and intellectually challenging phenomenon. CCD offers a multi-facetted contemporary dance training designed for highly motivated, creative, curious and independent students.

The training at CCD is characterized by the creative and critical negotiation of what dance, dance studies, dance dissemination and choreography mean in today's society as much as by intertwining education and artistic research.

The Centre for Contemporary Dance also considers itself an inter- and transdisciplinary centre for dance research. Based on the practices in dance, CCD collaborates with other institutions and partners in order to broaden the understanding of body knowledge, movement and performance in interdisciplinary context as well as to further develop concrete formats of artistic and academic events.