unfolded no. 11

with Choreographies by Martina De Dominicis, Sade Mamedova und Reut Shemesh

We are pleased to present the performance format "unfolded" at the ZZT again this fall. The eleventh edition shows three choreographic works by Reut Shemesh, Sade Mamedova and Martina De Dominicis, each of which was developed in collaboration with BA students.


GOLA 5th Movement 

Following ATARA (2017) and LEVIAH (2019), Reut Shemesh 2022 works on a revision of her piece GOLA, which recently premiered in its fourth version as GOLA 4th Movement in Hellerau, Dresden. The series is inspired by the form and dogma of national ceremonies that the choreographer participated in as a young adult, growing up in Israel. Caught between nostalgia and critical distance, the piece places these ceremonial acts in line with the need for affiliation and the potential of its satisfaction.

Concept & Choreography: Reut Shemesh

Rehearsal Assistance: Kojiro Imada

Music: Simon Bauer

Performance: Aleksandra Demina, Kora Isis Rebecca Hamm, Juri Jaworsky, Sergio Monferrer Vazquez, Lili Oksanen, Kevin Ponge Kassoma, Kiara Paloma Richter, Henrike Tünnermann, Viktoria Veselovska, Elodie Morgane Zermatten


The moment you let it go

Sade Mamedova's choreographic work "The moment you let it go" poses questions about the position of the individual in a constantly self-optimizing performance society and the moment of letting go and not being fulfilled.

"The concept"

How do we want to become more efficient?

How do we want to become better?

When we were already good;

Yes-even perfect!

Since we were creation; were one;


Connection to all-to creation, to us;

With each other and for each other.


And then it began;

Began to grow, to climb, to devour, to slay;

Began to proliferate, to destroy;

To destroy us;

Us-creation, perfection, efficient in everything;

As if it were a contradiction in terms to be inefficient.

Began to act;

With each other against each other-ego-

 -Julian Ruebel-


Concept & Choreography: Sade Mamedova

Assistance: Andrea Schuler

Music: Petar Alargic 

Performance: Hyunsoo Auo, Nai-An Chen, Yi-Chen Chen, Rita Maria Klos, Lea Marie Neumayer, Andrés Gonzalez Patarroyo, Jovana Petrovska, Almuth Schmidbauer


Born Yet to Be

Everything in the universe, from the little subatomic particles to gigantic clusters of galaxies, is in a constant state of change. In “Born Yet to Be“ the moving body is explored as matter in constant becoming. By presenting a scenario in endless state of development, the performance meditates on our perception of something changing, on the invisible tension that anticipates and follows a moment of visible transformation.

“Born Yet to Be” is a readaptation of the piece “Yet to be born” (2019) from the Vienna based collective Debocs. It draws from the original scores of the piece, allowing a new version to appear out of the meeting with the ZZT students.

Conzept & Choreografie: Martina De Dominicis, Alberto Cissello

Music: Lorenzo Romano

Performance: Tamora Dinklage, Juliana Garaycochea, Natacha Hüfken, Yeojin Kim, Leonie Stöckle


Performance dates:

09/30 & 10/01/2022, 8pm.

Studiotheater ZZT, Turmstrasse 3-5, Cologne Nippes, free admission


The infection protection rules in effect at the time of the performance apply.