Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz AK|T



Working group of the state training institutions for dancers in Germany (BA, MA / Diplom / Bühnenreifeprüfung). The last meeting of the spokespersons of the Dance Training Conference took place in Essen in 2019.

At their third working meeting, initiated by Tanzplan Deutschland, the representatives of the state training institutions founded a national interest group on February 6, 2007. Under the name "Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz" (Dance Training Conference), they actively participated from now on as one voice in the current training discussion in order to strengthen professional dance training in Germany.
This was to be achieved, among other things, by representing common interests in national committees, intensifying cooperation while raising the profile of individual training institutions, and networking with other international partners.

The first step of the "Dance Education Conference" was the realization of the "1st Dance Education Biennial", which will take place in Berlin in 2008, in Essen in 2010 and subsequently at changing locations. It is - comparable to the Theatertreffen of the drama schools - a platform to make projects and works of students known to a broad audience.

The speakers of the Dance Education Conference are

Prof. Jason Beechey, Rector of the Palucca Schule - Hochschule für Tanz (1st speaker)
Prof. Dieter Heitkamp, Director ZuKT / University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main
Prof. Christine Neumeyer, State University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim / Academy of Dance
Prof. Vera Sander, Cologne University of Music and Dance