»The subtle interplay between the I and
the me« Art and Choreography or: The
Body of/in the Museum


A research project in cooperation with Kolumba, Cologne

The exhibition »The subtle interplay between the I and the me« Art and Choreography, held at Kolumba, Cologne, September 14, 2020 - August 16, 2021, revolved around the places, materials, and appearances of bodies in the museum. If identity is a problematic concept and representation a political and potentially violent act - what ways do artists find to "inhabit their bodies as subjective space" (curator Barbara von Flüe) that is performative and moving - not only in performance but also in video or photography? And what does it mean to inhabit the architectural and institutional space of the museum together with them at our side - as spectator bodies?

The research project "The Body of/in the Museum," for which the ZZT collaborated with Kolumba in various formats, offered students the opportunity to experience the space of the museum from different perspectives, to observe, to reflect, and to combine their own research with workshop inputs and performance experiences. Part of this was the re-performance of Richard Tuttle's "Ten Kinds of Memory and Memory Itself" (1973). The artist's early work consists of 10 drawings laid out on the floor by means of simple threads. The physical gesture suspended in them as a trace opens up a space of possibility within which the visitors become self-determining actors. The notations for this work were documented in the form of an artist's booklet. The dancers were in turn Jana Griess, Giada Peli, Jovana Petrovska, Almuth Isa Maria Schmidbauer, Katharina Senzenberger, Josefine Simonsen and Amalia Zafeiri.

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