In the beginning of the Winter semester a series of performances titled Unfolded occur, giving the young dancers a chance to work with recognised contemporary choreographers and present the results of this project publicly.

  • unfolded - no.01 - Choreographies by Georg Reischl, Pascal Touzeau, Hanoch Ben Dor und Kazue Ikeda
  • unfolded - no.02 - Choreographies by Guy Weizman/Roni Haver, Yaron Shamir und Stephanie Thiersch
  • unfolded - no.03 - Choreographies by Didier Theron (F) und Tugce Tuna (TUR)
  • unfolded - no.04 - intermediale Konstellationen: Yvonne Hardt (DE) / Thomas Wansing (DE) und Georg Reischl (DE) /Michael Steinbusch (DE)
  • unfolded - no.05 - Choreographies by Susanne Grau (DE) and Shumpei Nemoto
  • unfolded - no.06 - Choreographies by Michèle Murray (F)
  • unfolded - no.07 - Choreographies by Rafaele Giovanola/Cocoon Dance (DE/CH) , Enis Turan (DE/TUR) and Sita Ostheimer (DE)
  • unfolded - no.08 - Choreographies by Jan Burkhardt (DE), PLAY/ Michèle Murray (F), Sigal Zouk (IL)

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