The European Union's ERASMUS programme promotes student mobility within Europe. The new Erasmus+ programme was launched in 2014. The programme is divided into outgoings, i.e. students already enrolled at the University for Music and Dance Cologne and incoming students, i.e. students at a partner university. 

Erasmus for Outgoings

Erasmus+ enables students to study at a European university in another participating country after completing their first year of study in order to improve their social and cultural skills and career prospects. They get to know the academic system of a foreign university as well as its teaching and learning methods. The stays are supported in all programme countries.

Further information on the application procedure and contact persons for Outgoings can be found here.

Erasmus for Incomings

We are pleased that you are interested in an ERASMUS study stay at the CCD and hope to welcome you in person at our institution soon. The prerequisite for this is that there is an Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) with the partner university in the field of study and that the students are nominated by the partner university for an Erasmus+ study visit. Incomings, i.e. students of a partner university, can apply with their complete documents by April 15 of each year.

Further information about the application procedure and contact persons for Incomings can be found here.